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White Flowers


Sherry grew up in a large family of 8 and learned how to cook in bulk at a young age, as there was no leisure of eating out. She found herself falling in love with the process of going from one plain item to marrying "this and that" into a fabulous meal.


After learning the best secrets of cooking while working at restaurant chains along the way, she got such joy from seeing family, friends and customers love what she carefully and lovingly put together. That's when she thought about making a living through taking care of people by serving soulful, nutritious home-made food.

What launched her into large catering as a career was the will to help a friend who had the misfortune of losing her caterer only one month before her wedding. Sherry told her friend "I got this! I've been cooking for restaurants my whole life!". Needless to say, the reception was a success and the bride's loss turned to be a huge gain. Sherry knew then--in her mid-twenties-- that this was what she wanted to focus on; Make amazing food and seeing people smile while they enjoy the feast.

Sherry continued, along the years, catering for friends and family's events, celebrations and milestones.

"I am thankful that I can turn my passion hobby into a lifelong dream career!"

Whether your next event is big or small, Sherry is ready to listen to you and help you plan it out.

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